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  • Silicone Craft Glue - 589250
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    Silicone Craft Glue

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  • Silicone Craft Glue
    Model: 589250
    250ml Silicone Glue
    Country of origin: Taiwan manufacturer, source all materials in Taiwan.
    Special features: Smart cap design, small lid attaching to the cap. Recover the lid after use.
    Reserve the remain for future use, saving cost.
    Sharp-tip (nozzle) design allow fine craftsmanship.
    Big containment could be applied on large area.
    Multi purpose adhesive.
    Water-resistant after dried.
    Other size: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.
    with customer's label, designed box.
    Available certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Not recommended for children use.
    Store in a cool and dry place.
    Application: apply silicone glue on  clean, smooth and dry surface without grease, moisture and dust.
    Squeeze the glue evenly on the sides.
    Press the attached pieces together properly and place the projects horizontally to dry totally.
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