Glitter Glue | Glitter Glues | White Glue | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM Glitter Glue manufacturer and Glitter Glues supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 57,3696 ,White Glue,Glue Pen,White School Glue buyers around the world at Sun, 24 Sep 2017 11:48:42 -0600 Glitter Glue Pens <img src='productpic/ps_s6331436754951.jpg' /><br>Set of 14 rainbow glitter glue pen come in 14 brilliant colors.<br /> Add shimmer to your arts and crafts projects.<br /> Narrow-tip nozzle allows glue to flow so children can make wonderful designs or add glittering accents to their crafts.<br /> Color-coded twist tops.<br /> Sized for small hands, great for kids.<br /> Total 48 different glitter colors choice.<br /> Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Taiwan Factory<br /> OEM, ODM is welcome. Glitter Glue Pens Glitter Glue Set <img src='productpic/ps_46c21436755304.jpg' /><br>Set of rainbow glitter glue includes five colors in 5.5ml tube each.<br /> Fine nozzle dispenser.<br /> Perfect for personalizing your carft items.<br /> Special brightness effect.<br /> Vivid colour and no fade away after dried.<br /> Conform to regulations of EU &amp; USA.<br /> Made in Taiwan. Glitter Glue Set Glitter Glue Sticks <img src='productpic/ps_l7zb1436755871.jpg' /><br>The set comes with (50) plastic PE tubs of beautiful colors. Each tubes contains 10.5ML.<br /> Two colors each tube in spiral, various combination per your request.<br /> Each soft PE tube features a fine nozzle, so they're easy for children to use.<br /> Ideal for a wide range of crafty requirements.<br /> Add shimmer to your crafty creations!<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> Customer's design is welcome.<br /> Glitter Glue Sticks Craft Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_oix11436756161.jpg' /><br>30ml Spiral Glitter Glue&nbsp; - four tubes in one clear plastic box, 30ml tube.<br /> Two colours in a spiral - create awesome effects.<br /> Various color combinations per customer's request.<br /> Convenient dispensing with the soft tube.<br /> Great for a wide variety of craft projects e.g. scrapbooking, cardmaking etc..<br /> Fun for all ages.<br /> Stick to surface tightly, no loose glitter.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> With customer's logo.<br /> Craft Glitter Glue Glitter Glue Sets <img src='productpic/ps_yyiq1436756379.jpg' /><br>Set of six spiral glitter glue bottles, 53ML each bottle.<br /> Easy to wipe up and compact in a flexible, child-safe container.<br /> There are many variations and different colors available.<br /> Color doesn't fade or tarnish.<br /> Shimmering colors to use in countless art and craft projects-memory books, collage, paper mache and more.<br /> Must-have item for people who like to DIY a lot.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan. Glitter Glue Sets Glitter Glue Stick <img src='productpic/ps_wcgp1436757138.jpg' /><br>5 x 5.5 ml metallic mini glitter stick set.<br /> Suitable for Cards, Fabric and Paper.<br /> Ideal for a wide range of children’s works, from glitter drawing project to adding little, gleaming details to cards and crafts. <br /> Easy-to hold, Easy-to-open squeeze bottles.<br /> A whole new way to paint, decorate, and do collage with beautiful glitter glue!<br /> Various colors and customized packaging.<br /> Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> Customer's design is welcome. Glitter Glue Stick Glitter Glue Paint <img src='productpic/ps_p4pz1436757279.jpg' /><br>Pack of 6 assorted tubes of metallic glitter glue.<br /> perfect for papercraft projects.<br /> Make sparkling designs or add glittering accents to craft projects.<br /> Comes in squeezable bottles with a fine nozzle tip for easy dispensing.<br /> A range of 24 metallic glitter colours options.<br /> Designed color card with customer's logo.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> FOB Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Glitter Glue Paint Glitter Glue Pen <img src='productpic/ps_dcpx1436757643.jpg' /><br>PVC can of 24 pieces mini rainbow glitter glue pen, <br /> Made with high quality PET Glitter- Safe, bright, shiny, not fade.<br /> Ideal for paper craft jewellery making decorations and much more! <br /> Easy to squeeze and apply.<br /> 24 different rainbow glitter colors.<br /> A great choice for expanding your creativity! <br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Glitter Glue Pen Glitter Glue Tube <img src='productpic/ps_njc61436757741.jpg' /><br>Great value pack of glitter glue - 60 tubes pack, 10.5ml each.<br /> An easy to use shimmering adhesive for decoration.<br /> Ideal for a multitude of arts and crafts projects.<br /> Fine tip, twist cap, easy to hold tube.<br /> 10 colors assortment, 6 piece each colors.<br /> Available in 48 colours of your choice.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> With your brand.<br /> Glitter Glue Tube Glitter Adhesive <img src='productpic/ps_i5gg1436757884.jpg' /><br>30ml Glitter Glue Jumbo Pen set. <br /> Each set contain eight colors packed in a designed, gift-wrapped colorful box. <br /> Create a luminous effect that shimmers and shines. <br /> Great for all of your craft projects.<br /> Dispensing and storage are a breeze with special designed tube and nozzle.<br /> Pass to ASTMD-4236, F963 &amp; EN-71.<br /> Customers' design are welcomed.<br /> FOB Taiwan.<br /> Glitter Adhesive Sparkle Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_weep1436758254.jpg' /><br>20ML Rainbow Glitter Glue PVC Box set - eight assorted colors.<br /> Add excitement to greeting cards, letters, envelopes, holiday and party decorations.<br /> Create a luminous effect that shimmers and shines.<br /> It comes in many different colors.<br /> Super fine nozzle to make the glue easy to apply.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan. Sparkle Glitter Glue Sparkles Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_mril1436758354.jpg' /><br>Clear hanging box pack- set of 10 pieces 20ml rainbow glitter glue.<br /> Enjoy creative activities with fantastic colors.<br /> Use for writing, edging and decorating craft projects.<br /> Many colors to choose.<br /> Super-fine nozzle, easy operation.<br /> Strong bonding strength, no loose gliiter after dried. <br /> Customization packaging are accepted.<br /> Have passed ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71 standard.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> <br /> Sparkles Glitter Glue Art Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_i7ta1436758474.jpg' /><br>37ml Rainbow Glitter Glue PVC Box Kit - includes six colors.<br /> K-Resin Bottle with easy flow tip.<br /> Makes your art sparkle !<br /> Provide great decoration on craft projects.<br /> perfect for amusing the children.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Welcome OEM or ODM. Art Glitter Glue Glue Glitter <img src='productpic/ps_b37u1436758606.jpg' /><br>Rainbow glitter glue display box pack-&nbsp; 60 mlx24 pieces.<br /> Six colors: #47 LT. blue, #40 White, #43 Pink, #49 Orange, #55 Neon Yellow, #42 LT. Green.<br /> Design cards, crowns, and craft creations.<br /> Use like paint to make drawings even more eye-catching.<br /> Vivid glitter colors do not fade away.<br /> K-resin bottle, eco-friendly.<br /> The applicator’s fine nozzle makes it's easy to fine lines, dots and swirls. <br /> Customized design color box displayed at store to prompt your product perfectly.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan. Glue Glitter Glitter Glue Bottle <img src='productpic/ps_8uzm1436758725.jpg' /><br>Rainbow Glitter Glue display box pack of 24 with each bottles being 53 ML.<br /> Spruce up any project with the amazing sparkle&nbsp; of rainbow glitter glue.<br /> great to use on scrapbook, greeting cards and many other craft applications.<br /> "come in handy, sealable bottle"<br /> Easy clean up with soap &amp; water. <br /> Great glitter glue choice for reasonable price.<br /> Meet EU and USA standard.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> <br /> Glitter Glue Bottle Fabric Glitter Paint <img src='productpic/ps_qdmx1436759005.jpg' /><br>Pack of 5 assorted tubes of 20ml rainbow glitter glue. <br /> perfect for adding sparkle to any craft project.<br /> Superior quality–Glitter flakes do not come out after dry.<br /> Soft PE bottles for easy dispensing.<br /> Fun and Easy to use.<br /> Available in a variety of colors.<br /> With your brand.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan. Fabric Glitter Paint Glitter Glue Pack <img src='productpic/ps_k3xi1436759088.jpg' /><br>20ml Rainbow Glitter Glue Pack. <br /> Each pack contains six different colours:<br /> With your design.<br /> Squeezable bottle comes in super fine nozzle with an easy flow.<br /> Add shiny colors to your works.<br /> Work well for school projects.<br /> Excellent quality, reasonable price.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> FOB Taiwan.<br /> Glitter Glue Pack 3D Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_8r9h1436759173.jpg' /><br>PVC Can of 24 pieces rainbow glitter glue pen, 10.5ml each.<br /> Have fun decorating paper.<br /> Fine-tip applicator pens make it easy to add glittering color to any art or craft project. <br /> Various colors, 24 colors available.<br /> Factory directly sell.<br /> Customized packaging.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> 3D Glitter Glue Glitter Paint <img src='productpic/ps_490g1436759282.jpg' /><br>Rainbow Glitter Glue Window Box Pack - set of 5 pieces, 50ml each tube.<br /> Come in a multitude of colors.<br /> Jumbo pen shape tube, easy to hold and application.<br /> Top twisting cap to open and close smoothly.<br /> Use like paint for making glittery drawings and to add pizzazz to arts and crafts projects.<br /> Use like glue to give collages an extra spark.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> With customer's logo.<br /> Glitter Paint Glitter Glue Tubes <img src='productpic/ps_142a1436759388.jpg' /><br>Pack of ten rainbow glitter glue tube, each tube have 10.5ml.<br /> Well-designed color box with window to show sparkling colors.<br /> Easy to hold, writer tip makes application easily.<br /> A range of various colours.<br /> Bond to any porous surface and is useful to artists of all ages. <br /> Create wonderful glitter borders and shimmering designs with attractive details.<br /> High quality PET glitter, colors do not fade.<br /> Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71 standard.<br /> Made in Taiwan. Glitter Glue Tubes Glitter Glue Bottles <img src='productpic/ps_7iuz1436766974.jpg' /><br>Glitter Glue Group- various bottles.<br /> Country of origin : Taiwan.<br /> With customized Logo, OEM or ODM.<br /> Competitive Price,&nbsp; Best Quality,&nbsp; Conform to regulations of EU &amp; USA.<br /> Enjoy creative activities with our fantastic sparking colors.<br /> Use for writing, edging,decorating gifts, craft projects etc..<br /> Easy to use with special designed bottle and application nozzle, user-friendly.<br /> Easy to clean, can be washable with water.<br /> Draw on kinds of materials,e.g. card, wood, fabric, stone and more…<br /> Great to use at home, school and office;&nbsp;for all kinds of occasions.<br /> Total 48&nbsp;glitter colors, 24 metallic colors, 24 rainbow colors.<br /> Package &amp; colourway can be match each customer's requirement!<br /> Certificate : ASTM D4236, F963 &amp; EN71.<br /> Glitter Glue Bottles Bulk Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_lpsh1436767092.jpg' /><br>22 pieces mini glitter glue stick packed in hanging PVC Box, 5.5ml for each stick.<br /> Add a shimmering, sparkling spectrum of colors to all kinds of craft projects.<br /> Suitable for school projects, card artwork, photo, office and fabric paper.<br /> Vivid color and strong adhesion, no glitter drop after dried.<br /> Convenient container that you can carry them around in.<br /> "with covering cap to stay fluid for repeat using"<br /> Worth the price and good quality.<br /> Safe, Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> OEM or ODM. Bulk Glitter Glue Glitter Gel Pens <img src='productpic/ps_c5bk1436767171.jpg' /><br>Glitter Glue Pens packed in OPP bag in Classic colors, 6 Pack, 10.5ml each.<br /> Bring your crafts to a glittery finish.<br /> can be used to embellish cards, scrapbooks, and many other arts and crafts projects. <br /> Easy to use pens.<br /> Nontoxic for archival artwork.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Glitter Gel Pens Washable Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_eg481436767248.jpg' /><br>5.5ml rainbow glitter glue blister pack.<br /> Fun product for all age.<br /> Make your own beautiful glitter creations.<br /> In small, sealable tubes, little-hands friendly. <br /> The glue comes out easily and is easy to use. <br /> Washs off easily.<br /> Best quality, Good deal for the money.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Washable Glitter Glue Rainbow Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_17tu1436767350.jpg' /><br>Set of 10.5ML Rainbow Glitter Glue, six colors assortment.<br /> Have a great time using them for the arts and crafts project.<br /> Add a touch of sparkle to any project.<br /> Easy to hold, great for kids to write with.<br /> More colors option.<br /> With your logo, design on backcard.<br /> Meet standard of ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Rainbow Glitter Glue Glitter Glue Kit <img src='productpic/ps_woby1436767820.jpg' /><br>Glitter Glue Kits - 24pk, 20ml each bottle.<br /> Assorted colors.<br /> Make kid-pleasing stuffs.<br /> Can be used to adorn cards, bring excitement to scrapbook, party decorations and much more.<br /> Easy squeeze &amp; flow plastic bottles with super fine nozzle.<br /> Great glitter glue choices for reasonable price.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Customer's design is welcome.<br /> Glitter Glue Kit 3D Glitter Paint <img src='productpic/ps_1ael1436767933.jpg' /><br>20ML Glitter Glue PVC Box Set - pack of 12.<br /> Easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper projects, memory album covers and more!<br /> Adding shimmer and sparkle to any arts and crafts project.<br /> With a very fine precision tip, which is perfect for creating any line, shape and frames.<br /> A wild mixture of colours.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> With your logo.<br /> 3D Glitter Paint Glittery Glue <img src='productpic/ps_z95e1436768027.jpg' /><br>Glitter glue color box set - come in 5 different colours in 20 ml bottles.<br /> Clear K-Resin bottle with fine-nozzle cap.<br /> Available in multiple colors.<br /> Used for decorating cards, handicraft, drawing, party, Christmas decoration, and make your design beautifully.<br /> This Glitter Glue Set is the perfect companion to any kid’s crafty stash! <br /> Well-designed package for sale at store.<br /> Conforms to ASTM D 4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71; non-toxic and safe.<br /> Ship from Taiwan.<br /> Glittery Glue Sparkling Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_zhhm1436768114.jpg' /><br>Glitter Glue Set 24 Pack - six colors assortment.<br /> Volume : 30ML in clear plastic bottle with a special applicator tip.<br /> provide many colorful art experiences.<br /> Great for glue and decorate collage materials.<br /> Customized packaging.<br /> Various colors to be selected.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236,&nbsp; F963 and EN-71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Sparkling Glitter Glue Glittering Glue <img src='productpic/ps_dd2k1436768228.jpg' /><br>Metallic glitter glue display box set, 24 pack,&nbsp; 37ml. <br /> Include coordinating colors.<br /> Great for outlining, personalizing and detailing.<br /> "Give your craft projects a glittering shimmer effect. "<br /> Easy to use and clean up with water.<br /> Guaranteed quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery.<br /> Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Welcome customer's packaging.<br /> <br /> Glittering Glue Pearlescent Glue <img src='productpic/ps_dvb91434352807.jpg' /><br>20ml pearl glue blister pack.<br /> 5 various liquid pearl in sealed blister with customized 4-color printing card.<br /> Produce a shimmering pearl effect.<br /> It is ideal for scrapbooks, gift bags, tags, cards and altered books.<br /> Perfect for holiday and wedding decorating.<br /> Dries to a lustrous, pearl-like finish.<br /> Easy-to-squeeze bottles with no-clog tip allow you to create unique decorative elements.<br /> Total twelve colors selectable.<br /> No need for painting tools, you can apply the glue directly on the surface.<br /> Meet EURO and USA safe standard.<br /> Order will be finished by 45-60 days. Pearlescent Glue Pearl Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_d8c51434352851.jpg' /><br>10.5ml Liquid pearl glue display box pack - set of 50 pieces, 10 colors assortment.<br /> Enjoy creative activities with our pearlescent colors.<br /> Use for writing, edging,decorating gifts, craft projects etc...<br /> Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Easy squeeze tub features a fine nib dispenser tip for superior flow control.<br /> Easy to clean with soap and water.<br /> Great to use at home, school and office; for all kinds of occasions.<br /> Draw on kinds of materials,e.g, card, wood, fabric, stone and more...12 colors available.<br /> Customized design/logo is welcome.<br /> Payment term: T/T<br /> Price term: FOB Taiwan.<br /> Lead time: 45-60 days.<br /> Taiwan manufacturer.<br /> OEM or ODM, customer's design is ok.<br /> Conform to regulations of EU &amp; USA.<br /> Best quality with competitive price and prompt delivery. Pearl Glitter Glue Liquid Pearl Glue <img src='productpic/ps_ezcw1434352895.jpg' /><br>It is not only an adhesive but also to use it to create pretty pearls effect on your projects.<br /> Package contains 50ml pearl glue in a well-designed color box, great gift to kid.<br /> Safe, water-base, meet the standard of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Great to dot, draw, outline, color-in, write, glue, border and paint on any craft projects.<br /> Gives shimmer and pearly finish.<br /> Adheres to most porous materials.<br /> Easy to hold, squeeze plastic tube, twisting cap well attach to the tube 5 assorted pearlized colors in the box, optional colors: white, apple green, rose red, light blue, gold, yellow, grass green, purple, grey, pink, red brown, blue.<br /> Non-tacky after completely dried.<br /> Dries with a gorgeous pearlescent appearance.<br /> Contains high quality mica pigments.<br /> Within 45-60 days after receipt of deposit payment. Liquid Pearl Glue Pearl Color Glue <img src='productpic/ps_8kqs1434352939.jpg' /><br>20ml pearl glue gift set-pack of 6 pieces, six colors assorted.<br /> Liquid pearls glue comes in a 20ml squeeze plastic bottle with super fine nozzle.<br /> A variety of colors to choose from, total 12 colors available.<br /> Pearlescent paint designed especially for decorating paper.<br /> Use as a glue to embed items.<br /> Dries to a shimmering, pearl-like finish.<br /> Color last for a long time.<br /> All orders to be shipped within 45-60 days of payment receipt.<br /> Made in Taiwan.<br /> Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F936, EN71-1/2/3.<br /> Follow customer's design on packaging. Pearl Color Glue Fabric Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_qbzb1434531432.jpg' /><br>3D sparkling fabric glitter glue set<br /> This packaging includes five bottles of colors and one stencil, each bottle contains 20ml.<br /> It comes with two tips, a medium one for large area and a fine tip for writing and detailing.<br /> Use stencil to draw easily.<br /> Create multiple, unique, personal style with one stencil.<br /> Eight available stencils, customized stencil is no problem.<br /> Make up cloth, dress up cloth, drawing your own T-shirt.<br /> Permanent and washable, no heat-setting required.<br /> Ideal for gift.<br /> Adult supervision recommended.<br /> Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> Fabric Glitter Glue Dimensional Fabric Paint <img src='productpic/ps_esm11434531558.jpg' /><br>Puffy / Dimensional Fabric Paint<br /> Various colos, volume and customized packaing-bulk, blister, display box and more.<br /> Great for t-shirts, jeans, shoes, backpacks and any other fabric surface.<br /> Provide lovely 3D textural quality, gloss and lustre.<br /> Air dry.<br /> Permanently, machine washable.<br /> Meet safe standard of ASTM D4236, F963, EN71<br /> Recommended for children age 3 and up.<br /> Affordable price for fabric crafts.<br /> Despatch from Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Dimensional Fabric Paint Glitter Fabric Glue <img src='productpic/ps_0rfz1434531721.jpg' /><br>One blister contain 2 bottles,&nbsp; bottle capacity: 53 ml <br /> Fabric decoration glitter glue.<br /> Add sparkle and glittering 3D look.<br /> Perfect for updating your favorite fabrics including T-shirts, bags, canvas shoes and more.<br /> To write, draw, decorate or brush-on the fabric surface.<br /> Set gems, beads or sequins on the wet dot of fabric glitter glue and let it dry ( only line dry).<br /> Make sure to wipe the bottle tip or it might clog up.<br /> Super fine nozzle.<br /> Non-toxic and machine washable.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> Ages 3 and up<br /> Total 48 glitter colos available-24 metallic colors and 24 rainbow colors.<br /> Glitter Fabric Glue Glitter Fabric Paint <img src='productpic/ps_x1sc1434531831.jpg' /><br>37ml washable glitter glue PVC box pack - set of 6, rainbow colors.<br /> Perfect for decorating and personalizing fabric such as T-shirts, tennis shoes, backpacks and more.<br /> Come in easy-squeeze bottles so they're user friendly for hands of all ages.<br /> This non-toxic paint is formulated for lasting adhesion to fabric so your designs stay dimensional and intact wash after wash. <br /> Its color can keep vivid and permanent after many times washes.<br /> Launder on gentle after it is totally dried.<br /> Reasonable price, high quality<br /> Safe, conform to regulations of EU &amp; USA<br /> Customize Logo, OEM or ODM is welcom<br /> Made in Taiwan Glitter Fabric Paint Silicone Adhesive <img src='productpic/ps_3a7c1434354083.jpg' /><br>30ml Silicone Glue <br /> Country of Origin: Taiwan.<br /> Special features:<br /> 1. Appears clear and slightly soft after solidified.<br /> 2. Dry fast especially on porous surface materials.<br /> 3. Stick firmly.<br /> 4. Easy to use for repair and adhesion to handicrafts.<br /> 5. Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> 6. Easy to use with special designed nozzle, user-friendly.<br /> 7. Suitable for applications on styrofoam, plastic, wood, cardboard etc...<br /> 8. Customized design/logo is welcome.<br /> 9. Lead time: 45-60 days.<br /> 10. Bulk packaging ( brown box) or display color box. Silicone Adhesive Silicone Adhesives <img src='productpic/ps_9jvl1434354120.jpg' /><br>50ml Silicone Glue<br /> Country of origin : Taiwan.<br /> Special features:Official product name is methanol solvent adhesive transparent.<br /> Yellowish transparent liquid appearance.<br /> Stronge attachment with silicone glue.<br /> Bottle material: PE.<br /> Pass the test of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Great to use on various materials.<br /> No problem with assigned label.<br /> Suitable size for an craft project. Silicone Adhesives Silicone Adhesive Glue <img src='productpic/ps_7uft1434354150.jpg' /><br>100ml Silicone Glue<br /> Country of origin: Produced in Taiwan.<br /> Special features: Also be known as cold glue.<br /> One of the strongest and most versatile adhesive products you clould find on the market.<br /> Great sealing ability while stick pieces together.<br /> Water proofing.<br /> Soft bottle to Squeeze the glue easily.<br /> Meet the requestment of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Available capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml. Silicone Adhesive Glue Silicone Craft Glue <img src='productpic/ps_peqx1434354187.jpg' /><br>250ml Silicone Glue<br /> Country of origin: Taiwan manufacturer, source all materials in Taiwan.<br /> Special features: Smart cap design, small lid attaching to the cap. Recover the lid after use.<br /> Reserve the remain for future use, saving cost.<br /> Sharp-tip (nozzle) design allow fine craftsmanship.<br /> Big containment could be applied on large area.<br /> Multi purpose adhesive.<br /> Water-resistant after dried.<br /> Other size: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.<br /> with customer's label, designed box.<br /> Available certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Not recommended for children use.<br /> Store in a cool and dry place.<br /> Application: apply silicone glue on&nbsp; clean, smooth and dry surface without grease, moisture and dust.<br /> Squeeze the glue evenly on the sides.<br /> Press the attached pieces together properly and place the projects horizontally to dry totally. Silicone Craft Glue Foam Adhesive <img src='productpic/ps_79mu1434351654.jpg' /><br>Country of origin: manufacture in Taiwan.<br /> Special features:<br /> 1. Milky white liquid appearance, colorless while dried.<br /> 2. 30ml individual bottle with customer's sticker packed in blister hanging card.<br /> 3. Nice designed card to attract attention at store.<br /> 4. Excellent liquidity, not thick as regular white glue.<br /> 5. Quick-drying, does not cause wrinkles or excess glue.<br /> 6. With a stopper inside to seal the bottle.<br /> 7. Clean with warm water.<br /> 8. Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 AND EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.<br /> 9. One order could be completed by one and half month to two nomths at the latest.<br /> Foam Adhesive Foam Adhesives <img src='productpic/ps_fp6h1434351716.jpg' /><br>Country of origin: Taiwan manufacturer<br /> Special features:<br /> 1. White color and turn to clear after dried.<br /> 2. 60ml individual bottle packed in color display box with customer's brand on bottle and box.<br /> 3. Beautiful box deepen customer impression and get great promotion effect.<br /> 4. High performance in bonding sponge, foam and EVA.<br /> 5. Special designed nozzle for applying glue more accurately.<br /> 6. Without leaving any traces after dried.<br /> 7. Solvent free, non-toxic.<br /> 8. Provide on-time shipment with best price and quality.<br /> 9. Many bottles available and follow requested packaging. Foam Adhesives Craft Foam Glue <img src='productpic/ps_c3xs1434351828.jpg' /><br>120ml Foam Glue<br /> <br /> Country of Origin: Taiwan.<br /> Special Features:<br /> 1. White liquid, turn clear after dried.<br /> 2. Big volume, bulk packing is available.<br /> 3. Great for application on both porous and semi-porous materials that dries fast.<br /> 4. Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> 5. Works on: EVA, foam, beads, plastic, paper, sequins and cardboard.<br /> 6. With customized logo.<br /> <br /> Payment terms: T/T.<br /> Price term: FOB Taiwan.<br /> Loading port: Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Lead time: 45-60 days.<br /> Storage: keep in cool places; avoid direct sunlight. Craft Foam Glue Foam Craft Glue <img src='productpic/ps_e1hu1434351975.jpg' /><br>Country of origin: Taiwan<br /> Special features:<br /> 1. 10.5ml each tube, 5pcs packed in one OPP bag.<br /> 2. Single unit which could be sold at store directly.<br /> 3. Order could be shipped out within 60 days after receive deposit.<br /> 4. Kind of white glue.<br /> 5. Good flowability, thinner than regular white glue.<br /> 6. Use our foam glue to bond foam or EVA materials easily.<br /> 7. Wash hands after the work is completed.<br /> 8. Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 AND EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.<br /> 9. We could provide it in many and various bottles. Foam Craft Glue Shaped Glitter <img src='productpic/ps_49yu1434609404.jpg' /><br>Confetti Glue-24 available patterns.<br /> Glitter glue with decorative confetti mixed in.<br /> Various bottles from 20ml to 250ml upon your choice.<br /> Follow customer requirements on packing such as opp bag, blister card, color box and more.<br /> Confetti glue lets little artists create shimmering effects in seconds.<br /> Ideal for a wide range of card making and scrapbooking activities, as well as paper craft, jewellery making, decorations and much more.<br /> Water-based, safe, easy to clean up.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 &amp; EN71<br /> Shaped Glitter Shape Glitter <img src='productpic/ps_j9sr1434609417.jpg' /><br>Confetti glue PVC box set.<br /> Set contains 6 colors of 20ml bottles.<br /> Contains bright confetti shapes including stars, hearts, flower, leafs and hexagons etc.<br /> Shimmering glitter and vibrant confetti shapes combine to create glistening effects.<br /> Decorate your cards or scrapbooks with different shapes of sequins.<br /> Soft PE bottles for easy dispensing.<br /> Specially designed nozzle allows for easy application.<br /> Get the design simply.<br /> Total 24 confetti patterns available.<br /> Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71 part 1, 2 and 3<br /> Made in Taiwan Shape Glitter Colored Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_i37k1434609453.jpg' /><br>Confetti Glue display box set&nbsp; - 37 ml bottles - Set of 24 - 6 assorted colors.<br /> Takes glitter glue one step further by adding decorative confetti shapes in a variety of sparkling colors.<br /> Clear, flexible, Plastic bottle, easy to dispenser.<br /> Can be applied with brush, fingers or right from the bottle's flip top applicator.<br /> Excellent adhesion, no loose glitter mess.<br /> Use for decorations, greeting cards, paper crafting and much more.<br /> Produced in Taiwan<br /> Non-toxic, washable.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71<br /> Colored Glitter Glue Confetti Glitter Glue <img src='productpic/ps_eb6e1434609486.jpg' /><br>Pack includes 4 bottles of confetti glue.<br /> Bottles volume: 70ml<br /> Shimmering, colorful, confetti shapes suspended in spreadable glue.<br /> Adheres to most porous surfaces- with no loose glitter and confetti chip.<br /> Take your glitter glue project to the next level with glitter chip glue.<br /> Have fun on decorating on paper, craft foam and wood proects and much more.<br /> Available in 24 styles.<br /> Safe, non-toxic, clean up with water.<br /> Certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71<br /> Provided by Taiwan manufacturer. Confetti Glitter Glue White Glues <img src='productpic/ps_ah6o1434354668.jpg' /><br>35ml White Glue - Box Of 30 Pieces<br /> Country of origin :Taiwan.<br /> Box desinged by customer in their own brand.<br /> Water-based PVA liquid adhesive.<br /> Easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.<br /> Expediently use &amp; transport.<br /> Meet the regulation of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Good service and fast delivery.<br /> Ideal for scrapbooking, kid's crafts, school projects, woodworking.<br /> Manufacturer direct sale at competitive price.<br /> Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.<br /> Harmless, tasteless washable, steady. White Glues White Craft Glue <img src='productpic/ps_uoqd1434354746.jpg' /><br>100ml White Glue<br /> Handicraft &amp; stationary white glue.<br /> White viscous liquid.<br /> Excellent for home DIY projects, school art projects, handicraft, and maintenance and repairing of household.<br /> Non-toxic, environmentally, washable. Fast drying and high strength and long bonding effect non-flammable and explosive materials, easy to transport, no risk.<br /> Custom designs can also be accepted.<br /> Deal directly with the manufacturer.<br /> Prompt lead time, best quality.<br /> Stock the products at a shade and dry warehouse. White Craft Glue White Wood Glue <img src='productpic/ps_4fyn1434354783.jpg' /><br>300ml White Glue<br /> Country of origin: Taiwan.<br /> Packing can be customized.<br /> High quality and reasonable price.<br /> Perfect for household repairs, craft and school projects.<br /> Stored in a cool,&nbsp; dry, ventilated area.<br /> White liquid, dry fast and clear.<br /> Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Various size and assorted package.<br /> Preserve and transport as non dangerous products.<br /> White Wood Glue PVA Wite Glue <img src='productpic/ps_j471434354904.jpg' /><br>5.5ml White Glue<br /> Also called wood glue / PVA white adhesive.<br /> Water-based,safe, polyvinyl acetate based adhesive with good property especially for wood and paper.<br /> Widely used in the bonding of wood, paper, fabrics and crafts.<br /> Have passed european EN71 and American ASTM-4236 and F963 standard.<br /> Quick drying.<br /> Dry film transparent clear.<br /> Washes off with warm water.<br /> Unopened packaging in a cool and dry storage place.<br /> Good quality for stationery glue with competitive price.<br /> Different packages according buyer's design. PVA Wite Glue Paper Glue <img src='productpic/ps_6tuo1434353530.jpg' /><br>Paper School Glue<br /> Packed in designed display box with customer brand.<br /> Set of 28 glue pens, 30 ml each.<br /> Good &amp; convenient adhesion option for paper sticking.<br /> Tube container is easy to hold, squeeze.<br /> Glue washes off with warm water.<br /> Other volume available in different bottles.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71. Paper Glue Best Paper Glue <img src='productpic/ps_0t6w1434353679.jpg' /><br>50ml Paper Glue<br /> Country of origin: Taiwan- all materials sourced in Taiwan<br /> Brand name: OEM or ODM offered<br /> We provide best quality with competitive price.<br /> Liquid, clear glue for school and office use.<br /> User-friendly with sponge head.<br /> Safe: no toxic washes off easily, no messy.<br /> Cap in different colors is available.<br /> Payment terms: T/T.<br /> Price term: FOB Taiwan.<br /> FOB port: Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Lead time: 45-60 days.<br /> Product certifications: ASTM D4236, F963 &amp; EN71. Best Paper Glue Paper Craft Glue <img src='productpic/ps_2qjm1434353791.jpg' /><br>50ml School Glue<br /> Clear liquid glue packed in designed card with blister.<br /> Dry fast, clear.<br /> Ready to sell at store.<br /> Safe especialy for children, wash with water.<br /> Use on school projects, card artwork, photos, office etc...<br /> Supply by Taiwan manufacturer.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71. Paper Craft Glue PVA School Glue <img src='productpic/ps_blg61434353964.jpg' /><br>500ml School Glue<br /> Transparent liquid PVA glue.<br /> Big volume, cost saved.<br /> Easy to use on paper,cardbord,photo etc.<br /> On-time delivery with best quality and competitive cost.<br /> Product with cumstomer's designed label is o.k.<br /> Our factory located in Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71. PVA School Glue Stained Glass Paint Kit <img src='productpic/ps_3xof1434352339.jpg' /><br>Make stained-glass by yourself.<br /> Capacity: 5.5ml each bottle, pen shape bottle, easy to use.<br /> Colors: #401 light green, #402 red, #403 yellow, #404 white, #405 blue,&nbsp; #406 orange, #407 purple, #408 black, #409 light blue, #410 brown, #412 dark green total 12 colors customer's design and brand on the card.<br /> Ship from Taichung port, Taiwan.<br /> Production time: 45-60 days after receipt of deposit and artworks are confirmed.<br /> Certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71 part 1, part 2 and part 3.<br /> <br /> How to use:<br /> 1. put a clear vinly sheet on the pattern.<br /> 2. Draw outline of the pattern, let dry.<br /> 3. Apply various colors inside the lines and make sure the areas are completed filled.<br /> 4. When completely dry, peel off your work.<br /> 5. The dry motif is self-adhesive and can be re-used.<br /> 6. stick it on the glass, mirror and tile.<br /> Stained Glass Paint Kit Stained Glass Painting Kit <img src='productpic/ps_hpzo1434352460.jpg' /><br>Glass paint gift set - contain 8 bottles of 20ml.<br /> 3D Peelable glass paint art materials, great decoration on window.<br /> Create your own stained glass look on windows.<br /> Repeat pasting, easy to be peeled off while dried completely.<br /> K-resin bottle with super fine nozzle.<br /> 12 existing colors avilable to be choosen.<br /> Provided by Taiwan factory.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> OEM or ODM service is welcome. Stained Glass Painting Kit Glass Paints Set <img src='productpic/ps_9h5x1434352516.jpg' /><br>20ml glass paint 5 colors gift kit.<br /> Make your window an art gallery with our glass paint.<br /> Draw a pre-formed or any interesting pattern you like.<br /> After dried, the project could peeled off and adhere to glass, mirrors, or other smooth surfaces, stick repeatly.<br /> We provide total 12 colors.<br /> Guaranteed quality and competitive price.<br /> Eco-friendly. safe for children to use.<br /> Water-based and ready-to use.<br /> Easy to wash off from hands with warm water while wet.<br /> Customized packaging is welcome.<br /> Glass Paints Set Glass Paint Kit <img src='productpic/ps_wdut1434352568.jpg' /><br>37ml glass paint - paked in one display box, 6 colors, 4 pieces each color.<br /> Enjoy stained-glass magic by yourself.<br /> Well designed color box with customized logo, ready to sell at store.<br /> It can be peeled up after totally dried and stick the pattern to window, glass etc...<br /> Many times you can freestyle a design or use a existing template.<br /> Available in 12 colors, there are other size/volume bottle could be provided.<br /> Safe, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71. Glass Paint Kit DIY Puffy Paint <img src='productpic/ps_kaz51434353133.jpg' /><br>30ml puffy paint in color window box - set of 8.<br /> Gift-wrap available.<br /> It is extremely interesting for kids to make craft projects using puffy paint.<br /> Dimensional fabric paints great for outlining, personalizing and detailing.<br /> Heat the paint by hair dryer to a puffy velvety finish.<br /> Pen bottle, easy to use, squeeze the paint.<br /> Have passed the test of regulation under ASTMD-4236, F963 and EN-71 standards.<br /> Any color can available based customer requirements. DIY Puffy Paint Puffy Fabric Paint <img src='productpic/ps_1ez31434353218.jpg' /><br>30ml puffy paint - 5 pieces packed in one clear PVC box.<br /> Puffy dimensional fabric paint offers durability and a great value in a formula that permanently adheres to fabric and many craft surfaces.<br /> For do-it- yourself and decoration work.<br /> Will be expanded when dried by blower.<br /> Safety and non-toxic conform to ASTMD-4236, F963 and EN-71 regulation.<br /> Each bottle of paint is equipped with a writer tip for precise placement.<br /> Could develop new color follow customer demand.<br /> We can design,pack the goods at your request. Puffy Fabric Paint Fabric Puffy Paint <img src='productpic/ps_rubp1434353304.jpg' /><br>20ml puffy paint packed in one display box- set of 24, 6 colors assorted.<br /> Dimensional fabric paint in trendy color combinations and finishes.<br /> Make 3D paints on fabric, cloth.<br /> Blow dry with hair dryer directly above the paint for puffy effect.<br /> Safety and non-toxic, meet the requirements of American ASTMD-4236, F963 and EN-71 standards.<br /> Easy to handle bottles for craft and fabric painting projects.<br /> Available in a variety of color sets (each sold separately).<br /> Different volume or package for option. Fabric Puffy Paint Puffy Glue <img src='productpic/ps_l04d1434353355.jpg' /><br>Country of Origin: Taiwan.<br /> Product Certifications: ASTM D4236, F963 &amp; EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.<br /> Specifications: 20ml puffy paint Blister pack - set of 4.<br /> Features: Feel the puffy art on your projects, permanent ,finest quality and will not crumble.<br /> 3D effect - heats up, it puffs up.<br /> Non-toxic, safe for kids.<br /> Apply fine line with special designed nozzle.<br /> Easy to clean the glue with soap and water.<br /> 12 Colors available, customized color is welcom subject to minimum order quantities.<br /> Customized design color cardboard and logo on it. Puffy Glue Air Drying Clay <img src='productpic/ps_5af51434350957.jpg' /><br>30g super lightweight clay packed in hanging color box.<br /> FOB Taiwan.<br /> DIY material or Educational toys.<br /> Individual clay packed in aluminum foil bag which keep the air out well.<br /> Durable when its fully cured.<br /> Leave to dry no firing required.<br /> Will not stick on hand.<br /> It can be stretched very thin but no breaking.<br /> The safety can reach the European and American standard.<br /> The dried works can be colored with markers, watercolors, glitter glue etc...<br /> Create more colors by mixing two color clay.<br /> Ship out the goods by one and half months to two months.<br /> Air Drying Clay Modeling Clay <img src='productpic/ps_fdfl1434351054.jpg' /><br>30g color box clay packed in one display box - set of 24.<br /> Loading Poart: Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Work fine for many projects, no cracks.<br /> Any weight or any package method per customer request.<br /> Solid and super lightweight after dried.<br /> Will dry when exposed to air.<br /> Pieces of clay stick together well, no glue needed just pressing the pieces together.<br /> Shape the clay into the figure you want. Both 3D and flat figures are easy to make.<br /> Passed the test od ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> Paint any colors on the figures after dried.<br /> Mix 2 for new one color.<br /> Lead time: Will be 45-60 days after order is confirmed.<br /> For children's imagination and creativity. Modeling Clay Lightweight Air Dry Clay <img src='productpic/ps_ils41434351156.jpg' /><br>30g Super lightweight clay display pack - set of 24.<br /> Produced, shipped from Taiwan.<br /> Customized designed on printed color box.<br /> "Soft and easy to work with, knead the clay between your fingers".<br /> Super Light weight.<br /> Colors mixable.<br /> Easy to Model.<br /> Non-sticky, no mess of cracks and dust.<br /> Grear Tractility.<br /> Air dry.<br /> Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.<br /> 11 colors available.<br /> T/T, L/C payment are acceptable.<br /> Order to be completed within 45-60 days. Lightweight Air Dry Clay Super Light Clay <img src='productpic/ps_di8n1434351264.jpg' /><br>Super Lightweight clay and glitter glue set -30g and 5 pieces in one window box.<br /> Factory located in Taichung, Taiwan.<br /> Great for classrooms, art rooms and group activities.<br /> Store unused clay in airtight plastic bag.<br /> Get firm dried in air completely without baking.<br /> This clay is quite easy to work with, no glue needed.<br /> Soft, good extension, easy to shape in what you like.<br /> Meet the regulation under ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.<br /> Decorate the figure with glitter glue or color paint.<br /> Prompt delivery.<br /> Great for creativity, good fun, easy to use &amp; cleanup. Super Light Clay Glitter Flake <img src='productpic/ps_t3s01434532064.jpg' /><br>8 gram glitter flake blister pack - set of 4 <br /> Formed by top bright Polyethylene terephthalate film.<br /> Color last, no fade.<br /> Packaging design: according to customer request.<br /> CVould be widely used in different field such as Christmas crafts, scrapbooking, festival decoration materials and so on.<br /> To give a striking eye-catching attraction.<br /> Simply spread glue over your paper or craft surface and sprinkle the glitter of your choice on top. Shake off the excess, let it dry, then you have instant shimmer.<br /> Size: 0.2m/m, other sizes - 0.1m/m, 0.3m/m, 0.4m/m, 0.6m/m, 0.8m/m, 1.0m/m, 1.6m/m, 2.5m/m, 3.0m/m are provided as well.<br /> Pass the testing of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71<br /> FOB Taichung port, Taiwan<br /> Glitter Flake Large Glitter Flakes <img src='productpic/ps_3wjc1434532144.jpg' /><br>Polyethylene terephthalate film(PET)<br /> Size: 1/256 inch, 1/128 inch, 1/96 inch, 1/64 inch, 1/40 inch, 1/32 inch, 1/24 inch, 1/16 inch, 1/10 inch, 1/8 inch.<br /> Color: 24 metallic colors and 24 rainbow colors, total 48 colors available.<br /> Shape: Hexagon, others such as flower, heart, star, butterfly pumpkin, tree are available.<br /> Packaging: bulk bag of 25 kgs, shaker from 1g up to 150g with customized brand such as display box, hanging color box, blister etc..<br /> <br /> How to use:<br /> 1. lay the pattern on the flat place.<br /> 2. use paper glue to paint on the desired area.<br /> 3. spray the glitter on the desired area and shake it to mantle the area completely.<br /> 4. clean the unnecessary glitter off from the pattern first and then repeat step 2 &amp; 3<br /> 5. repeatedly use different color to fill up the pattern.<br /> <br /> Safe and non-toxic.<br /> Be creative, experiment and have fun.<br /> Give an old project a new look.<br /> Made in Taiwan<br /> Large Glitter Flakes Big Glitter Flakes <img src='productpic/ps_pj121434532274.jpg' /><br>Glitter gift set - 12 colors, 8 gram each<br /> Main ingredients: Polyethylene terephthalate film(PET)<br /> Glitter size: 1/128", for other sizes, please inquiry.<br /> Hexagonal shaped glitter<br /> Standard packing: 12 pieces in one clear PVC Box, 8 boxes in one regular brown box, 4 boxes in one carton.<br /> Brush adhesive on a surface then spray the colorful glitter from the handy container.<br /> Add sparkle to all types of craft projects. Use on paper crafting, cardboard and more.<br /> Make ornaments thunder-and-lightning.<br /> Complies with EN71, ASTM D-4236, F963<br /> High quality, non-toxic, reasonable price.<br /> Ship from Taiwan within 45-60 days after order is confirmed. Big Glitter Flakes Iridescent Glitter Flakes <img src='productpic/ps_fy4q1434532358.jpg' /><br>14g glitter in display box - 6 colors, 4 pieces each color, every color could be sold separately.<br /> Made of PET<br /> For arts and crafts.<br /> Enhance and enrich visual effect.<br /> Use with glue, stamp and glue pad, epoxy, and much more.<br /> Convenient shake and switch cap for easy application, more controlled dispensing.<br /> Size: from 0.1mm to 3mm<br /> 48 colors for you to choose.<br /> Packaging Details: 24 pieces in one display boxes, 24 boxes in one master carton.<br /> Delivery: Within 45-60 days after order is confirmed.<br /> Payment term: deposit with order, blanace against shipment.<br /> Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71-1/2/3 Iridescent Glitter Flakes