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SHEEN-FULL INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. is a fully integrated Manufacturer and Exporter,Supplier Craft Glue, factory in Taiwan. We are a professional Taiwan-based company that deals with an extensive range. We have a very gifted artisan talent pool which assures you of on-time delivery of high class products. If you are interested in any models of our products, please feel free to contact us.
  • Glitter Glue Pens
    Glitter Glue Pens
    Set of 14 rainbow glitter glue pen come in 14 brilliant colors.
    Add shimmer to your arts and crafts projects.
    Narrow-tip nozzle allows glue to flow so children can make wonderful designs or add glittering accents to their crafts.
    Color-coded twist tops.
    Sized for small hands, great for kids.
    Total 48 different glitter colors choice.
    Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Taiwan Factory
    OEM, ODM is welcome.
  • Glitter Glue Set
    Glitter Glue Set
    Set of rainbow glitter glue includes five colors in 5.5ml tube each.
    Fine nozzle dispenser.
    Perfect for personalizing your carft items.
    Special brightness effect.
    Vivid colour and no fade away after dried.
    Conform to regulations of EU & USA.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Sticks
    Glitter Glue Sticks
    The set comes with (50) plastic PE tubs of beautiful colors. Each tubes contains 10.5ML.
    Two colors each tube in spiral, various combination per your request.
    Each soft PE tube features a fine nozzle, so they're easy for children to use.
    Ideal for a wide range of crafty requirements.
    Add shimmer to your crafty creations!
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan
    Customer's design is welcome.
  • Craft Glitter Glue
    Craft Glitter Glue
    30ml Spiral Glitter Glue  - four tubes in one clear plastic box, 30ml tube.
    Two colours in a spiral - create awesome effects.
    Various color combinations per customer's request.
    Convenient dispensing with the soft tube.
    Great for a wide variety of craft projects e.g. scrapbooking, cardmaking etc..
    Fun for all ages.
    Stick to surface tightly, no loose glitter.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan
    With customer's logo.
  • Glitter Glue Sets
    Glitter Glue Sets
    Set of six spiral glitter glue bottles, 53ML each bottle.
    Easy to wipe up and compact in a flexible, child-safe container.
    There are many variations and different colors available.
    Color doesn't fade or tarnish.
    Shimmering colors to use in countless art and craft projects-memory books, collage, paper mache and more.
    Must-have item for people who like to DIY a lot.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Stick
    Glitter Glue Stick
    5 x 5.5 ml metallic mini glitter stick set.
    Suitable for Cards, Fabric and Paper.
    Ideal for a wide range of children’s works, from glitter drawing project to adding little, gleaming details to cards and crafts.
    Easy-to hold, Easy-to-open squeeze bottles.
    A whole new way to paint, decorate, and do collage with beautiful glitter glue!
    Various colors and customized packaging.
    Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan
    Customer's design is welcome.
  • Glitter Glue Paint
    Glitter Glue Paint
    Pack of 6 assorted tubes of metallic glitter glue.
    perfect for papercraft projects.
    Make sparkling designs or add glittering accents to craft projects.
    Comes in squeezable bottles with a fine nozzle tip for easy dispensing.
    A range of 24 metallic glitter colours options.
    Designed color card with customer's logo.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    FOB Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Pen
    Glitter Glue Pen
    PVC can of 24 pieces mini rainbow glitter glue pen,
    Made with high quality PET Glitter- Safe, bright, shiny, not fade.
    Ideal for paper craft jewellery making decorations and much more!
    Easy to squeeze and apply.
    24 different rainbow glitter colors.
    A great choice for expanding your creativity!
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Tube
    Glitter Glue Tube
    Great value pack of glitter glue - 60 tubes pack, 10.5ml each.
    An easy to use shimmering adhesive for decoration.
    Ideal for a multitude of arts and crafts projects.
    Fine tip, twist cap, easy to hold tube.
    10 colors assortment, 6 piece each colors.
    Available in 48 colours of your choice.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan
    With your brand.
  • Glitter Adhesive
    Glitter Adhesive
    30ml Glitter Glue Jumbo Pen set.
    Each set contain eight colors packed in a designed, gift-wrapped colorful box.
    Create a luminous effect that shimmers and shines.
    Great for all of your craft projects.
    Dispensing and storage are a breeze with special designed tube and nozzle.
    Pass to ASTMD-4236, F963 & EN-71.
    Customers' design are welcomed.
    FOB Taiwan.
  • Sparkle Glitter Glue
    Sparkle Glitter Glue
    20ML Rainbow Glitter Glue PVC Box set - eight assorted colors.
    Add excitement to greeting cards, letters, envelopes, holiday and party decorations.
    Create a luminous effect that shimmers and shines.
    It comes in many different colors.
    Super fine nozzle to make the glue easy to apply.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Sparkles Glitter Glue
    Sparkles Glitter Glue
    Clear hanging box pack- set of 10 pieces 20ml rainbow glitter glue.
    Enjoy creative activities with fantastic colors.
    Use for writing, edging and decorating craft projects.
    Many colors to choose.
    Super-fine nozzle, easy operation.
    Strong bonding strength, no loose gliiter after dried.
    Customization packaging are accepted.
    Have passed ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71 standard.
    Made in Taiwan.

  • Art Glitter Glue
    Art Glitter Glue
    37ml Rainbow Glitter Glue PVC Box Kit - includes six colors.
    K-Resin Bottle with easy flow tip.
    Makes your art sparkle !
    Provide great decoration on craft projects.
    perfect for amusing the children.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
    Welcome OEM or ODM.
  • Glue Glitter
    Glue Glitter
    Rainbow glitter glue display box pack-  60 mlx24 pieces.
    Six colors: #47 LT. blue, #40 White, #43 Pink, #49 Orange, #55 Neon Yellow, #42 LT. Green.
    Design cards, crowns, and craft creations.
    Use like paint to make drawings even more eye-catching.
    Vivid glitter colors do not fade away.
    K-resin bottle, eco-friendly.
    The applicator’s fine nozzle makes it's easy to fine lines, dots and swirls.
    Customized design color box displayed at store to prompt your product perfectly.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Bottle
    Glitter Glue Bottle
    Rainbow Glitter Glue display box pack of 24 with each bottles being 53 ML.
    Spruce up any project with the amazing sparkle  of rainbow glitter glue.
    great to use on scrapbook, greeting cards and many other craft applications.
    "come in handy, sealable bottle"
    Easy clean up with soap & water.
    Great glitter glue choice for reasonable price.
    Meet EU and USA standard.
    Made in Taiwan.

  • Fabric Glitter Paint
    Fabric Glitter Paint
    Pack of 5 assorted tubes of 20ml rainbow glitter glue.
    perfect for adding sparkle to any craft project.
    Superior quality–Glitter flakes do not come out after dry.
    Soft PE bottles for easy dispensing.
    Fun and Easy to use.
    Available in a variety of colors.
    With your brand.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Pack
    Glitter Glue Pack
    20ml Rainbow Glitter Glue Pack.
    Each pack contains six different colours:
    With your design.
    Squeezable bottle comes in super fine nozzle with an easy flow.
    Add shiny colors to your works.
    Work well for school projects.
    Excellent quality, reasonable price.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    FOB Taiwan.
  • 3D Glitter Glue
    3D Glitter Glue
    PVC Can of 24 pieces rainbow glitter glue pen, 10.5ml each.
    Have fun decorating paper.
    Fine-tip applicator pens make it easy to add glittering color to any art or craft project.
    Various colors, 24 colors available.
    Factory directly sell.
    Customized packaging.
    Safe, Non-toxic, Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Paint
    Glitter Paint
    Rainbow Glitter Glue Window Box Pack - set of 5 pieces, 50ml each tube.
    Come in a multitude of colors.
    Jumbo pen shape tube, easy to hold and application.
    Top twisting cap to open and close smoothly.
    Use like paint for making glittery drawings and to add pizzazz to arts and crafts projects.
    Use like glue to give collages an extra spark.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan.
    With customer's logo.
  • Glitter Glue Tubes
    Glitter Glue Tubes
    Pack of ten rainbow glitter glue tube, each tube have 10.5ml.
    Well-designed color box with window to show sparkling colors.
    Easy to hold, writer tip makes application easily.
    A range of various colours.
    Bond to any porous surface and is useful to artists of all ages.
    Create wonderful glitter borders and shimmering designs with attractive details.
    High quality PET glitter, colors do not fade.
    Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71 standard.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Bottles
    Glitter Glue Bottles
    Glitter Glue Group- various bottles.
    Country of origin : Taiwan.
    With customized Logo, OEM or ODM.
    Competitive Price,  Best Quality,  Conform to regulations of EU & USA.
    Enjoy creative activities with our fantastic sparking colors.
    Use for writing, edging,decorating gifts, craft projects etc..
    Easy to use with special designed bottle and application nozzle, user-friendly.
    Easy to clean, can be washable with water.
    Draw on kinds of materials,e.g. card, wood, fabric, stone and more…
    Great to use at home, school and office; for all kinds of occasions.
    Total 48 glitter colors, 24 metallic colors, 24 rainbow colors.
    Package & colourway can be match each customer's requirement!
    Certificate : ASTM D4236, F963 & EN71.
  • Bulk Glitter Glue
    Bulk Glitter Glue
    22 pieces mini glitter glue stick packed in hanging PVC Box, 5.5ml for each stick.
    Add a shimmering, sparkling spectrum of colors to all kinds of craft projects.
    Suitable for school projects, card artwork, photo, office and fabric paper.
    Vivid color and strong adhesion, no glitter drop after dried.
    Convenient container that you can carry them around in.
    "with covering cap to stay fluid for repeat using"
    Worth the price and good quality.
    Safe, Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
    OEM or ODM.
  • Glitter Gel Pens
    Glitter Gel Pens
    Glitter Glue Pens packed in OPP bag in Classic colors, 6 Pack, 10.5ml each.
    Bring your crafts to a glittery finish.
    can be used to embellish cards, scrapbooks, and many other arts and crafts projects.
    Easy to use pens.
    Nontoxic for archival artwork.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Washable Glitter Glue
    Washable Glitter Glue
    5.5ml rainbow glitter glue blister pack.
    Fun product for all age.
    Make your own beautiful glitter creations.
    In small, sealable tubes, little-hands friendly.
    The glue comes out easily and is easy to use.
    Washs off easily.
    Best quality, Good deal for the money.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Rainbow Glitter Glue
    Rainbow Glitter Glue
    Set of 10.5ML Rainbow Glitter Glue, six colors assortment.
    Have a great time using them for the arts and crafts project.
    Add a touch of sparkle to any project.
    Easy to hold, great for kids to write with.
    More colors option.
    With your logo, design on backcard.
    Meet standard of ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glitter Glue Kit
    Glitter Glue Kit
    Glitter Glue Kits - 24pk, 20ml each bottle.
    Assorted colors.
    Make kid-pleasing stuffs.
    Can be used to adorn cards, bring excitement to scrapbook, party decorations and much more.
    Easy squeeze & flow plastic bottles with super fine nozzle.
    Great glitter glue choices for reasonable price.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan.
    Customer's design is welcome.
  • 3D Glitter Paint
    3D Glitter Paint
    20ML Glitter Glue PVC Box Set - pack of 12.
    Easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper projects, memory album covers and more!
    Adding shimmer and sparkle to any arts and crafts project.
    With a very fine precision tip, which is perfect for creating any line, shape and frames.
    A wild mixture of colours.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan.
    With your logo.
  • Glittery Glue
    Glittery Glue
    Glitter glue color box set - come in 5 different colours in 20 ml bottles.
    Clear K-Resin bottle with fine-nozzle cap.
    Available in multiple colors.
    Used for decorating cards, handicraft, drawing, party, Christmas decoration, and make your design beautifully.
    This Glitter Glue Set is the perfect companion to any kid’s crafty stash!
    Well-designed package for sale at store.
    Conforms to ASTM D 4236,  F963 and EN-71; non-toxic and safe.
    Ship from Taiwan.
  • Sparkling Glitter Glue
    Sparkling Glitter Glue
    Glitter Glue Set 24 Pack - six colors assortment.
    Volume : 30ML in clear plastic bottle with a special applicator tip.
    provide many colorful art experiences.
    Great for glue and decorate collage materials.
    Customized packaging.
    Various colors to be selected.
    Conform to ASTM D4236,  F963 and EN-71.
    Made in Taiwan.
  • Glittering Glue
    Glittering Glue
    Metallic glitter glue display box set, 24 pack,  37ml.
    Include coordinating colors.
    Great for outlining, personalizing and detailing.
    "Give your craft projects a glittering shimmer effect. "
    Easy to use and clean up with water.
    Guaranteed quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery.
    Safe, Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Made in Taiwan.
    Welcome customer's packaging.

  • Pearlescent Glue
    Pearlescent Glue
    20ml pearl glue blister pack.
    5 various liquid pearl in sealed blister with customized 4-color printing card.
    Produce a shimmering pearl effect.
    It is ideal for scrapbooks, gift bags, tags, cards and altered books.
    Perfect for holiday and wedding decorating.
    Dries to a lustrous, pearl-like finish.
    Easy-to-squeeze bottles with no-clog tip allow you to create unique decorative elements.
    Total twelve colors selectable.
    No need for painting tools, you can apply the glue directly on the surface.
    Meet EURO and USA safe standard.
    Order will be finished by 45-60 days.
  • Pearl Glitter Glue
    Pearl Glitter Glue
    10.5ml Liquid pearl glue display box pack - set of 50 pieces, 10 colors assortment.
    Enjoy creative activities with our pearlescent colors.
    Use for writing, edging,decorating gifts, craft projects etc...
    Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Easy squeeze tub features a fine nib dispenser tip for superior flow control.
    Easy to clean with soap and water.
    Great to use at home, school and office; for all kinds of occasions.
    Draw on kinds of materials,e.g, card, wood, fabric, stone and more...12 colors available.
    Customized design/logo is welcome.
    Payment term: T/T
    Price term: FOB Taiwan.
    Lead time: 45-60 days.
    Taiwan manufacturer.
    OEM or ODM, customer's design is ok.
    Conform to regulations of EU & USA.
    Best quality with competitive price and prompt delivery.
  • Liquid Pearl Glue
    Liquid Pearl Glue
    It is not only an adhesive but also to use it to create pretty pearls effect on your projects.
    Package contains 50ml pearl glue in a well-designed color box, great gift to kid.
    Safe, water-base, meet the standard of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Great to dot, draw, outline, color-in, write, glue, border and paint on any craft projects.
    Gives shimmer and pearly finish.
    Adheres to most porous materials.
    Easy to hold, squeeze plastic tube, twisting cap well attach to the tube 5 assorted pearlized colors in the box, optional colors: white, apple green, rose red, light blue, gold, yellow, grass green, purple, grey, pink, red brown, blue.
    Non-tacky after completely dried.
    Dries with a gorgeous pearlescent appearance.
    Contains high quality mica pigments.
    Within 45-60 days after receipt of deposit payment.
  • Pearl Color Glue
    Pearl Color Glue
    20ml pearl glue gift set-pack of 6 pieces, six colors assorted.
    Liquid pearls glue comes in a 20ml squeeze plastic bottle with super fine nozzle.
    A variety of colors to choose from, total 12 colors available.
    Pearlescent paint designed especially for decorating paper.
    Use as a glue to embed items.
    Dries to a shimmering, pearl-like finish.
    Color last for a long time.
    All orders to be shipped within 45-60 days of payment receipt.
    Made in Taiwan.
    Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F936, EN71-1/2/3.
    Follow customer's design on packaging.
  • Fabric Glitter Glue
    Fabric Glitter Glue
    3D sparkling fabric glitter glue set
    This packaging includes five bottles of colors and one stencil, each bottle contains 20ml.
    It comes with two tips, a medium one for large area and a fine tip for writing and detailing.
    Use stencil to draw easily.
    Create multiple, unique, personal style with one stencil.
    Eight available stencils, customized stencil is no problem.
    Make up cloth, dress up cloth, drawing your own T-shirt.
    Permanent and washable, no heat-setting required.
    Ideal for gift.
    Adult supervision recommended.
    Safe, non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71
    Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensional Fabric Paint
    Dimensional Fabric Paint
    Puffy / Dimensional Fabric Paint
    Various colos, volume and customized packaing-bulk, blister, display box and more.
    Great for t-shirts, jeans, shoes, backpacks and any other fabric surface.
    Provide lovely 3D textural quality, gloss and lustre.
    Air dry.
    Permanently, machine washable.
    Meet safe standard of ASTM D4236, F963, EN71
    Recommended for children age 3 and up.
    Affordable price for fabric crafts.
    Despatch from Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Glitter Fabric Glue
    Glitter Fabric Glue
    One blister contain 2 bottles,  bottle capacity: 53 ml
    Fabric decoration glitter glue.
    Add sparkle and glittering 3D look.
    Perfect for updating your favorite fabrics including T-shirts, bags, canvas shoes and more.
    To write, draw, decorate or brush-on the fabric surface.
    Set gems, beads or sequins on the wet dot of fabric glitter glue and let it dry ( only line dry).
    Make sure to wipe the bottle tip or it might clog up.
    Super fine nozzle.
    Non-toxic and machine washable.
    Made in Taiwan
    Ages 3 and up
    Total 48 glitter colos available-24 metallic colors and 24 rainbow colors.
  • Glitter Fabric Paint
    Glitter Fabric Paint
    37ml washable glitter glue PVC box pack - set of 6, rainbow colors.
    Perfect for decorating and personalizing fabric such as T-shirts, tennis shoes, backpacks and more.
    Come in easy-squeeze bottles so they're user friendly for hands of all ages.
    This non-toxic paint is formulated for lasting adhesion to fabric so your designs stay dimensional and intact wash after wash.
    Its color can keep vivid and permanent after many times washes.
    Launder on gentle after it is totally dried.
    Reasonable price, high quality
    Safe, conform to regulations of EU & USA
    Customize Logo, OEM or ODM is welcom
    Made in Taiwan
  • Silicone Adhesive
    Silicone Adhesive
    30ml Silicone Glue
    Country of Origin: Taiwan.
    Special features:
    1. Appears clear and slightly soft after solidified.
    2. Dry fast especially on porous surface materials.
    3. Stick firmly.
    4. Easy to use for repair and adhesion to handicrafts.
    5. Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    6. Easy to use with special designed nozzle, user-friendly.
    7. Suitable for applications on styrofoam, plastic, wood, cardboard etc...
    8. Customized design/logo is welcome.
    9. Lead time: 45-60 days.
    10. Bulk packaging ( brown box) or display color box.
  • Silicone Adhesives
    Silicone Adhesives
    50ml Silicone Glue
    Country of origin : Taiwan.
    Special features:Official product name is methanol solvent adhesive transparent.
    Yellowish transparent liquid appearance.
    Stronge attachment with silicone glue.
    Bottle material: PE.
    Pass the test of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Great to use on various materials.
    No problem with assigned label.
    Suitable size for an craft project.
  • Silicone Adhesive Glue
    Silicone Adhesive Glue
    100ml Silicone Glue
    Country of origin: Produced in Taiwan.
    Special features: Also be known as cold glue.
    One of the strongest and most versatile adhesive products you clould find on the market.
    Great sealing ability while stick pieces together.
    Water proofing.
    Soft bottle to Squeeze the glue easily.
    Meet the requestment of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Available capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml.
  • Silicone Craft Glue
    Silicone Craft Glue
    250ml Silicone Glue
    Country of origin: Taiwan manufacturer, source all materials in Taiwan.
    Special features: Smart cap design, small lid attaching to the cap. Recover the lid after use.
    Reserve the remain for future use, saving cost.
    Sharp-tip (nozzle) design allow fine craftsmanship.
    Big containment could be applied on large area.
    Multi purpose adhesive.
    Water-resistant after dried.
    Other size: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.
    with customer's label, designed box.
    Available certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Not recommended for children use.
    Store in a cool and dry place.
    Application: apply silicone glue on  clean, smooth and dry surface without grease, moisture and dust.
    Squeeze the glue evenly on the sides.
    Press the attached pieces together properly and place the projects horizontally to dry totally.
  • Foam Adhesive
    Foam Adhesive
    Country of origin: manufacture in Taiwan.
    Special features:
    1. Milky white liquid appearance, colorless while dried.
    2. 30ml individual bottle with customer's sticker packed in blister hanging card.
    3. Nice designed card to attract attention at store.
    4. Excellent liquidity, not thick as regular white glue.
    5. Quick-drying, does not cause wrinkles or excess glue.
    6. With a stopper inside to seal the bottle.
    7. Clean with warm water.
    8. Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 AND EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.
    9. One order could be completed by one and half month to two nomths at the latest.
  • Foam Adhesives
    Foam Adhesives
    Country of origin: Taiwan manufacturer
    Special features:
    1. White color and turn to clear after dried.
    2. 60ml individual bottle packed in color display box with customer's brand on bottle and box.
    3. Beautiful box deepen customer impression and get great promotion effect.
    4. High performance in bonding sponge, foam and EVA.
    5. Special designed nozzle for applying glue more accurately.
    6. Without leaving any traces after dried.
    7. Solvent free, non-toxic.
    8. Provide on-time shipment with best price and quality.
    9. Many bottles available and follow requested packaging.
  • Craft Foam Glue
    Craft Foam Glue
    120ml Foam Glue

    Country of Origin: Taiwan.
    Special Features:
    1. White liquid, turn clear after dried.
    2. Big volume, bulk packing is available.
    3. Great for application on both porous and semi-porous materials that dries fast.
    4. Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    5. Works on: EVA, foam, beads, plastic, paper, sequins and cardboard.
    6. With customized logo.

    Payment terms: T/T.
    Price term: FOB Taiwan.
    Loading port: Taichung, Taiwan.
    Lead time: 45-60 days.
    Storage: keep in cool places; avoid direct sunlight.
  • Foam Craft Glue
    Foam Craft Glue
    Country of origin: Taiwan
    Special features:
    1. 10.5ml each tube, 5pcs packed in one OPP bag.
    2. Single unit which could be sold at store directly.
    3. Order could be shipped out within 60 days after receive deposit.
    4. Kind of white glue.
    5. Good flowability, thinner than regular white glue.
    6. Use our foam glue to bond foam or EVA materials easily.
    7. Wash hands after the work is completed.
    8. Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 AND EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.
    9. We could provide it in many and various bottles.
  • Shaped Glitter
    Shaped Glitter
    Confetti Glue-24 available patterns.
    Glitter glue with decorative confetti mixed in.
    Various bottles from 20ml to 250ml upon your choice.
    Follow customer requirements on packing such as opp bag, blister card, color box and more.
    Confetti glue lets little artists create shimmering effects in seconds.
    Ideal for a wide range of card making and scrapbooking activities, as well as paper craft, jewellery making, decorations and much more.
    Water-based, safe, easy to clean up.
    Made in Taiwan
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 & EN71
  • Shape Glitter
    Shape Glitter
    Confetti glue PVC box set.
    Set contains 6 colors of 20ml bottles.
    Contains bright confetti shapes including stars, hearts, flower, leafs and hexagons etc.
    Shimmering glitter and vibrant confetti shapes combine to create glistening effects.
    Decorate your cards or scrapbooks with different shapes of sequins.
    Soft PE bottles for easy dispensing.
    Specially designed nozzle allows for easy application.
    Get the design simply.
    Total 24 confetti patterns available.
    Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71 part 1, 2 and 3
    Made in Taiwan
  • Colored Glitter Glue
    Colored Glitter Glue
    Confetti Glue display box set  - 37 ml bottles - Set of 24 - 6 assorted colors.
    Takes glitter glue one step further by adding decorative confetti shapes in a variety of sparkling colors.
    Clear, flexible, Plastic bottle, easy to dispenser.
    Can be applied with brush, fingers or right from the bottle's flip top applicator.
    Excellent adhesion, no loose glitter mess.
    Use for decorations, greeting cards, paper crafting and much more.
    Produced in Taiwan
    Non-toxic, washable.
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71
  • Confetti Glitter Glue
    Confetti Glitter Glue
    Pack includes 4 bottles of confetti glue.
    Bottles volume: 70ml
    Shimmering, colorful, confetti shapes suspended in spreadable glue.
    Adheres to most porous surfaces- with no loose glitter and confetti chip.
    Take your glitter glue project to the next level with glitter chip glue.
    Have fun on decorating on paper, craft foam and wood proects and much more.
    Available in 24 styles.
    Safe, non-toxic, clean up with water.
    Certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71
    Provided by Taiwan manufacturer.
  • White Glues
    White Glues
    35ml White Glue - Box Of 30 Pieces
    Country of origin :Taiwan.
    Box desinged by customer in their own brand.
    Water-based PVA liquid adhesive.
    Easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.
    Expediently use & transport.
    Meet the regulation of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Good service and fast delivery.
    Ideal for scrapbooking, kid's crafts, school projects, woodworking.
    Manufacturer direct sale at competitive price.
    Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
    Harmless, tasteless washable, steady.
  • White Craft Glue
    White Craft Glue
    100ml White Glue
    Handicraft & stationary white glue.
    White viscous liquid.
    Excellent for home DIY projects, school art projects, handicraft, and maintenance and repairing of household.
    Non-toxic, environmentally, washable. Fast drying and high strength and long bonding effect non-flammable and explosive materials, easy to transport, no risk.
    Custom designs can also be accepted.
    Deal directly with the manufacturer.
    Prompt lead time, best quality.
    Stock the products at a shade and dry warehouse.
  • White Wood Glue
    White Wood Glue
    300ml White Glue
    Country of origin: Taiwan.
    Packing can be customized.
    High quality and reasonable price.
    Perfect for household repairs, craft and school projects.
    Stored in a cool,  dry, ventilated area.
    White liquid, dry fast and clear.
    Non-toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Various size and assorted package.
    Preserve and transport as non dangerous products.
  • PVA Wite Glue
    PVA Wite Glue
    5.5ml White Glue
    Also called wood glue / PVA white adhesive.
    Water-based,safe, polyvinyl acetate based adhesive with good property especially for wood and paper.
    Widely used in the bonding of wood, paper, fabrics and crafts.
    Have passed european EN71 and American ASTM-4236 and F963 standard.
    Quick drying.
    Dry film transparent clear.
    Washes off with warm water.
    Unopened packaging in a cool and dry storage place.
    Good quality for stationery glue with competitive price.
    Different packages according buyer's design.
  • Paper Glue
    Paper Glue
    Paper School Glue
    Packed in designed display box with customer brand.
    Set of 28 glue pens, 30 ml each.
    Good & convenient adhesion option for paper sticking.
    Tube container is easy to hold, squeeze.
    Glue washes off with warm water.
    Other volume available in different bottles.
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
  • Best Paper Glue
    Best Paper Glue
    50ml Paper Glue
    Country of origin: Taiwan- all materials sourced in Taiwan
    Brand name: OEM or ODM offered
    We provide best quality with competitive price.
    Liquid, clear glue for school and office use.
    User-friendly with sponge head.
    Safe: no toxic washes off easily, no messy.
    Cap in different colors is available.
    Payment terms: T/T.
    Price term: FOB Taiwan.
    FOB port: Taichung, Taiwan.
    Lead time: 45-60 days.
    Product certifications: ASTM D4236, F963 & EN71.
  • Paper Craft Glue
    Paper Craft Glue
    50ml School Glue
    Clear liquid glue packed in designed card with blister.
    Dry fast, clear.
    Ready to sell at store.
    Safe especialy for children, wash with water.
    Use on school projects, card artwork, photos, office etc...
    Supply by Taiwan manufacturer.
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
  • PVA School Glue
    PVA School Glue
    500ml School Glue
    Transparent liquid PVA glue.
    Big volume, cost saved.
    Easy to use on paper,cardbord,photo etc.
    On-time delivery with best quality and competitive cost.
    Product with cumstomer's designed label is o.k.
    Our factory located in Taichung, Taiwan.
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
  • Stained Glass Paint Kit
    Stained Glass Paint Kit
    Make stained-glass by yourself.
    Capacity: 5.5ml each bottle, pen shape bottle, easy to use.
    Colors: #401 light green, #402 red, #403 yellow, #404 white, #405 blue,  #406 orange, #407 purple, #408 black, #409 light blue, #410 brown, #412 dark green total 12 colors customer's design and brand on the card.
    Ship from Taichung port, Taiwan.
    Production time: 45-60 days after receipt of deposit and artworks are confirmed.
    Certificate: ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71 part 1, part 2 and part 3.

    How to use:
    1. put a clear vinly sheet on the pattern.
    2. Draw outline of the pattern, let dry.
    3. Apply various colors inside the lines and make sure the areas are completed filled.
    4. When completely dry, peel off your work.
    5. The dry motif is self-adhesive and can be re-used.
    6. stick it on the glass, mirror and tile.
  • Stained Glass Painting Kit
    Stained Glass Painting Kit
    Glass paint gift set - contain 8 bottles of 20ml.
    3D Peelable glass paint art materials, great decoration on window.
    Create your own stained glass look on windows.
    Repeat pasting, easy to be peeled off while dried completely.
    K-resin bottle with super fine nozzle.
    12 existing colors avilable to be choosen.
    Provided by Taiwan factory.
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    OEM or ODM service is welcome.
  • Glass Paints Set
    Glass Paints Set
    20ml glass paint 5 colors gift kit.
    Make your window an art gallery with our glass paint.
    Draw a pre-formed or any interesting pattern you like.
    After dried, the project could peeled off and adhere to glass, mirrors, or other smooth surfaces, stick repeatly.
    We provide total 12 colors.
    Guaranteed quality and competitive price.
    Eco-friendly. safe for children to use.
    Water-based and ready-to use.
    Easy to wash off from hands with warm water while wet.
    Customized packaging is welcome.
  • Glass Paint Kit
    Glass Paint Kit
    37ml glass paint - paked in one display box, 6 colors, 4 pieces each color.
    Enjoy stained-glass magic by yourself.
    Well designed color box with customized logo, ready to sell at store.
    It can be peeled up after totally dried and stick the pattern to window, glass etc...
    Many times you can freestyle a design or use a existing template.
    Available in 12 colors, there are other size/volume bottle could be provided.
    Safe, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
  • DIY Puffy Paint
    DIY Puffy Paint
    30ml puffy paint in color window box - set of 8.
    Gift-wrap available.
    It is extremely interesting for kids to make craft projects using puffy paint.
    Dimensional fabric paints great for outlining, personalizing and detailing.
    Heat the paint by hair dryer to a puffy velvety finish.
    Pen bottle, easy to use, squeeze the paint.
    Have passed the test of regulation under ASTMD-4236, F963 and EN-71 standards.
    Any color can available based customer requirements.
  • Puffy Fabric Paint
    Puffy Fabric Paint
    30ml puffy paint - 5 pieces packed in one clear PVC box.
    Puffy dimensional fabric paint offers durability and a great value in a formula that permanently adheres to fabric and many craft surfaces.
    For do-it- yourself and decoration work.
    Will be expanded when dried by blower.
    Safety and non-toxic conform to ASTMD-4236, F963 and EN-71 regulation.
    Each bottle of paint is equipped with a writer tip for precise placement.
    Could develop new color follow customer demand.
    We can design,pack the goods at your request.
  • Fabric Puffy Paint
    Fabric Puffy Paint
    20ml puffy paint packed in one display box- set of 24, 6 colors assorted.
    Dimensional fabric paint in trendy color combinations and finishes.
    Make 3D paints on fabric, cloth.
    Blow dry with hair dryer directly above the paint for puffy effect.
    Safety and non-toxic, meet the requirements of American ASTMD-4236, F963 and EN-71 standards.
    Easy to handle bottles for craft and fabric painting projects.
    Available in a variety of color sets (each sold separately).
    Different volume or package for option.
  • Puffy Glue
    Puffy Glue
    Country of Origin: Taiwan.
    Product Certifications: ASTM D4236, F963 & EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.
    Specifications: 20ml puffy paint Blister pack - set of 4.
    Features: Feel the puffy art on your projects, permanent ,finest quality and will not crumble.
    3D effect - heats up, it puffs up.
    Non-toxic, safe for kids.
    Apply fine line with special designed nozzle.
    Easy to clean the glue with soap and water.
    12 Colors available, customized color is welcom subject to minimum order quantities.
    Customized design color cardboard and logo on it.
  • Air Drying Clay
    Air Drying Clay
    30g super lightweight clay packed in hanging color box.
    FOB Taiwan.
    DIY material or Educational toys.
    Individual clay packed in aluminum foil bag which keep the air out well.
    Durable when its fully cured.
    Leave to dry no firing required.
    Will not stick on hand.
    It can be stretched very thin but no breaking.
    The safety can reach the European and American standard.
    The dried works can be colored with markers, watercolors, glitter glue etc...
    Create more colors by mixing two color clay.
    Ship out the goods by one and half months to two months.
  • Modeling Clay
    Modeling Clay
    30g color box clay packed in one display box - set of 24.
    Loading Poart: Taichung, Taiwan.
    Work fine for many projects, no cracks.
    Any weight or any package method per customer request.
    Solid and super lightweight after dried.
    Will dry when exposed to air.
    Pieces of clay stick together well, no glue needed just pressing the pieces together.
    Shape the clay into the figure you want. Both 3D and flat figures are easy to make.
    Passed the test od ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    Paint any colors on the figures after dried.
    Mix 2 for new one color.
    Lead time: Will be 45-60 days after order is confirmed.
    For children's imagination and creativity.
  • Lightweight Air Dry Clay
    Lightweight Air Dry Clay
    30g Super lightweight clay display pack - set of 24.
    Produced, shipped from Taiwan.
    Customized designed on printed color box.
    "Soft and easy to work with, knead the clay between your fingers".
    Super Light weight.
    Colors mixable.
    Easy to Model.
    Non-sticky, no mess of cracks and dust.
    Grear Tractility.
    Air dry.
    Non-Toxic, conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71.
    11 colors available.
    T/T, L/C payment are acceptable.
    Order to be completed within 45-60 days.
  • Super Light Clay
    Super Light Clay
    Super Lightweight clay and glitter glue set -30g and 5 pieces in one window box.
    Factory located in Taichung, Taiwan.
    Great for classrooms, art rooms and group activities.
    Store unused clay in airtight plastic bag.
    Get firm dried in air completely without baking.
    This clay is quite easy to work with, no glue needed.
    Soft, good extension, easy to shape in what you like.
    Meet the regulation under ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71 part 1, 2 and 3.
    Decorate the figure with glitter glue or color paint.
    Prompt delivery.
    Great for creativity, good fun, easy to use & cleanup.
  • Glitter Flake
    Glitter Flake
    8 gram glitter flake blister pack - set of 4
    Formed by top bright Polyethylene terephthalate film.
    Color last, no fade.
    Packaging design: according to customer request.
    CVould be widely used in different field such as Christmas crafts, scrapbooking, festival decoration materials and so on.
    To give a striking eye-catching attraction.
    Simply spread glue over your paper or craft surface and sprinkle the glitter of your choice on top. Shake off the excess, let it dry, then you have instant shimmer.
    Size: 0.2m/m, other sizes - 0.1m/m, 0.3m/m, 0.4m/m, 0.6m/m, 0.8m/m, 1.0m/m, 1.6m/m, 2.5m/m, 3.0m/m are provided as well.
    Pass the testing of ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71
    FOB Taichung port, Taiwan
  • Large Glitter Flakes
    Large Glitter Flakes
    Polyethylene terephthalate film(PET)
    Size: 1/256 inch, 1/128 inch, 1/96 inch, 1/64 inch, 1/40 inch, 1/32 inch, 1/24 inch, 1/16 inch, 1/10 inch, 1/8 inch.
    Color: 24 metallic colors and 24 rainbow colors, total 48 colors available.
    Shape: Hexagon, others such as flower, heart, star, butterfly pumpkin, tree are available.
    Packaging: bulk bag of 25 kgs, shaker from 1g up to 150g with customized brand such as display box, hanging color box, blister etc..

    How to use:
    1. lay the pattern on the flat place.
    2. use paper glue to paint on the desired area.
    3. spray the glitter on the desired area and shake it to mantle the area completely.
    4. clean the unnecessary glitter off from the pattern first and then repeat step 2 & 3
    5. repeatedly use different color to fill up the pattern.

    Safe and non-toxic.
    Be creative, experiment and have fun.
    Give an old project a new look.
    Made in Taiwan
  • Big Glitter Flakes
    Big Glitter Flakes
    Glitter gift set - 12 colors, 8 gram each
    Main ingredients: Polyethylene terephthalate film(PET)
    Glitter size: 1/128", for other sizes, please inquiry.
    Hexagonal shaped glitter
    Standard packing: 12 pieces in one clear PVC Box, 8 boxes in one regular brown box, 4 boxes in one carton.
    Brush adhesive on a surface then spray the colorful glitter from the handy container.
    Add sparkle to all types of craft projects. Use on paper crafting, cardboard and more.
    Make ornaments thunder-and-lightning.
    Complies with EN71, ASTM D-4236, F963
    High quality, non-toxic, reasonable price.
    Ship from Taiwan within 45-60 days after order is confirmed.
  • Iridescent Glitter Flakes
    Iridescent Glitter Flakes
    14g glitter in display box - 6 colors, 4 pieces each color, every color could be sold separately.
    Made of PET
    For arts and crafts.
    Enhance and enrich visual effect.
    Use with glue, stamp and glue pad, epoxy, and much more.
    Convenient shake and switch cap for easy application, more controlled dispensing.
    Size: from 0.1mm to 3mm
    48 colors for you to choose.
    Packaging Details: 24 pieces in one display boxes, 24 boxes in one master carton.
    Delivery: Within 45-60 days after order is confirmed.
    Payment term: deposit with order, blanace against shipment.
    Conform to ASTM D4236, F963 and EN71-1/2/3
We own a very gifted artisan talent pool which guarantees timely deliveries with top quality

Craft Glue

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